Why have successful companies trust Sico d.o.o. for many years in solving various problems?

1. Many years of experience in solving demanding problems of our customers.

Since 1994 we have been dealing with laser cutting, and in order to provide comprehensive solutions in one place we quickly expanded to bending materials and further processing.

In this area, we were among the first in Slovenia and wider, so we belong to the narrower circle of partners with the most experience.

2. High level of knowledge

We have an extremely trained technology team. We regularly monitor the innovations and participate in all major fairs in our field.

3. Knowledge of the market

We also know the domestic and foreign markets very well, so in cases where we consider that we are not the best choice for the problems of our customers, we very well recommend the most suitable partner.

By consulting to raising quality and creating new opportunities

We are constantly looking for new opportunities to raise our already high level of quality and create additional value for our products and services. In this way, we offer our customers proposals for constant improvements, all in order to constantly raise quality and create new added value.

Sico d.o.o.- advanced solutions for the most demanding problems!

If you want us to solve your problems and produce quality products, feel free to contact us.