Fast and reliable delivery!

In order to ensure impeccable delivery (within the agreed time and quality at the agreed place), we take care of delivery at all necessary levels.

Packaging products

Do you have bad transport experience, because you have received products that have been damaged or even destroyed? This will not happen to you with us.

At Sico d.o.o. we have a few serial products, mostly we always have new products, new shapes, and dimensions. For this purpose, we have a lot of packaging elements that provide suitable packaging for each product, which ensures optimal protection from beginning to end (packaging, transport, take-over).

This ensures that products are not damaged or even destroyed during the transport, which saves a lot of time and unnecessary worries.

Shipping and packaging

For perfect shipping to the customer, we take care of standard providers (post office, train service…) or by means of our own transport, which works throughout Slovenia and abroad.

Own shipping

Delivery within the premises of the company and our own fleet enable us to provide our customers with fast and independent delivery.

Exceptional location

Sico d.o.o. is located in a location marked by accessibility and reachability, as we are only 500 m away from the main motorway connections.

Contact for transport:

Babič Boštjan s.p.
Matke 32 b, 3312 Prebold 
 041 676 763 
 03 705 3263

Possibility of transport:

  • combined vehicle (14 m3 – 1500 kg – 4x euro pallet)
  • truck (38 m3 – 3700 kg – 14x euro pallet)
  • trailer (20 m3 – 2200 kg – 8x euro pallet)

If you want us to solve your problems and produce quality products, feel free to contact us.